shamanic despachoDrum Making

Shamanic drums are used for healing, journeying and connecting with spirit, this is the birth of one such drum. Starting with a direct earth despacho of blessing and gratefulness for all the materials, time and space.

shamanic drum making

The skin and bindings were soaked overnight with crystals and an offering of Florida water, flower petals and water from the holy well at Cerne Abbas.


shamanic drum making

A sacred space was opened to start working with the skin and wood, all the time being aware and thankful to the life given from the animal and the tree so that this drum birthing could take place.



shamanic drum making

The finished bindings representing the four directions.




drum beater

A drum beater is just as important a tool as the drum itself and the time spent crafting it can be used for reflection on how it will be used when ready.




shamanic drum

The finished drum and beater.




despacho mandala

A mandala marking the spot of another direct earth despacho of blessings and gratefulness for the new drum and beater.