Meet The Team

Ruth is a Reiki Master and Master Shamanic Practitioner. She runs shamanic workshops and practices all aspects of Shamanic Healing and is based in North Warwickshire.

Ruth’s story

Always having an interest in nature and its processes derived probably from my own mothers interest in herbs and healing with them, it was only natural to gravitate towards holistic subjects, training in Reiki about 20 years ago.

During a traumatic road accident I found myself spontaneously having a shamanic journey and after a recovery period had to find out more. After much research on the internet I found a London workshop that took me back to the place I’d been searching for and my training in Shamanic healing began, first with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust and then with Eliana Harvey at Shamanka in Dorset. 


Cheryl is a trained Master Shamanic Practitioner and practices Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Acupressure, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Reflexology.  She runs workshops in a number of related subjects and has taught at several local colleges. Cheryl is based in North West Leicestershire.

Cheryl’s story

Some 20 odd years ago my journey began on the complementary and holistic path, after a couple of serious illnesses lead me (in a series of ‘coincidences’) to try a holistic approach to recover my health and wellbeing.

I trained in Reiki and Reflexology and as I evolved personally I also studied other holistic disciplines to grow and develop professionally.

Later, around 4 years ago, I was steered again, and series of ‘chance’ encounters brought me to shamanism.

After reading several books on the subject I was fascinated and saw great potential for both healing and experience for myself and for my clients.  I was also a little apprehensive at the depth and magnitude of the training and healing and didn’t know where to start.

A synchronistic email from Sound Healer and Teacher Simon Heather arrived at just the right time and I began my initial shamanic training with Simon soon after.

When I had completed the training I was excited for more knowledge and experience which lead me to Shamanka in Dorset.